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Memory Hub

Memory Hubs

Referral to the Memory Hubs is via the memory assessment service only as there is a criteria for these groups.

Based on a Dutch model of a Meeting Centre, the aim of the Hubs is to provide a structured programme for those living with dementia and their loved one.

Activity is based on cognitive stimulation therapy and works with the person’s ability, engaging the brain. Again, there is an element of physical as well as wellbeing activity with some outside community input such as local art gallery, adult learning and local floristry sessions.

Under the ‘Hub’ umbrella is the Club where these activities happen but also the Advice Centre and the memory assessment clinic programmes.

The Advice Centre is still a work in progress but its aim is to provide a wide range of education and information to families around the condition as well as practical information such as advance planning, scams, keeping safe and benefits. Working alongside the memory assessment service, this is a coproduced programme.

We are currently providing this in most pockets of the county with more to come. The main aim of the Hubs is to keep people happy and well for as long as possible and we do this via education, information, crisis prevention and general wellbeing.