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The NHS Long Term Plan aims to give people greater control over the care they receive, with more care and support being offered in or close to people’s homes, rather than in hospital. It also aims to improve the use of technology to support people with long term health problems in new ways, helping them to stay well and live independently for longer.

The Ageing Well programme has specific work areas aimed at the most frail and vulnerable of our current older generation. These include:

  • promoting a multidisciplinary approach;

  • giving people more say about the care and support they receive;

  • offering more support for people who look after family members, partners or friends;

Integrated Care Northampton

We are Working in partnership with ICAN to provide best possible care for our patients

The Age Well teams can work with you to:

  • agree a support plan 

  • ensure you have any mobility and monitoring equipment you need at home

  • assist you in accessing local social and exercise groups to get specialist advice and guidance

  • arrange a review with a GP, pharmacy colleague, and a nurse to discuss the issues that matter to you

  • link you with a befriender if you choose

  • review the benefits you are receiving to make sure you are getting the ones that are available to you 

  • ensure that those caring for you are supported 

May 2023

Ageing Well Community Event

As Part of our Ageing Well commitment we have arranged a Birthday Community event for our elderly patients to bring the community services, Age UK, Northants Carers, ICAN Wellbeing Team, Adult Social Services (Northampton Council), NHFT. Community Volunteers, Surgery Staff, Local Councillor, and Media present to celebrate this day

Loneliness along with social isolation and frailty is often associated with adverse health-related outcomes. It is well established that socially involved older adults are more likely to be healthy, live longer, and report positive well-being outcomes in comparison to isolated/lonely older adults.  

July 2023

Ageing Well Community Event

Another wonderful event with guest Speakers from Public Health, Northampton U3A, Alzheimer's Society, Local Councillor, Northants Sports.