Primary Care  Network


A Primary Care Network (PCN) consists of groups of general practices working together with a range of local providers, including across primary care, community services, social care and the voluntary sector, to enable greater provision of proactive personalised, coordinated health and social care to their local populations. They build on existing primary care services to better meet the needs of local people closer to home by enabling more proactive, personalised, coordinated and integrated health and and care services. Through the MMWF PCN we offer our Extended Access service which is appointments out of normal working hours. 

We at MMWF strive to help our member GP practices to better serve the community of 52995 patients. 

Our GP Partners

Primary Care Network

Short presentation of What is a PCN?

What we can do for you

We provide variety of services for our patients via your registered GP

Care Co-ordinator

Care co-ordinators give people time and focus on what matters to the person, as  personalised care and support planning. They connect people to community groups and agencies for practical and emotional support  and support delivery of a simple personalised care and support plan to improve health and wellbeing.


PCN Physiotherapists can help patients to manage and recover from an injury or long term condition. They work as a part of GP team to help patients with musculoskeletal disorders. 


PCN Health and Wellbeing coaches provide holistic and tailored plans for individuals, based on an initial assessment of their current fitness levels and lifestyle.

Physician Associate

Physician associates are medically trained, healthcare professionals, who work alongside GPs and provide medical care as an integral part of the multidisciplinary team. 


Social Prescribing is a free service through your GP that puts you in touch with a wide range of local activities to support you and improve your wellbeing.

PCN Pharmacy

Our team of Pharmacists and a Pharmacy Technicians support general practice with medicines safety to ensure that patients get the most from their medication in line with the national prescribing agenda.

Mental Health

The Mental Health Service aims to bridge the gap between primary and secondary care. The Mental Health Service is a Primary Care Service that provides mental health support for  registered within one of our PCN practices, whose mental health needs are suitable for management in primary care

Ageing Well 

We are focusing on supporting our elderly patients be part of our community. We are working towards to combat isolation and frailty, loneliness to achieve healthy and happier members of community.

If you think someone in your family or someone you care for can benefit from this, please do get in touch by filling the form at bottom of the page.

  • Birthday Community Events

    As Part of our Ageing Well commitment we have arranged a Birthday Community event for our elderly patients to bring the community services, Age UK, Northants Carers, ICAN Wellbeing Team, Adult Social Services (Northampton Council), NHFT. Community Volunteers, Surgery Staff, Local Councillor, and Media present to celebrate this day.


    Loneliness along with social isolation and frailty is often associated with adverse health-related outcomes. It is well established that socially involved older adults are more likely to be healthy, live longer, and report positive well-being outcomes in comparison to isolated/lonely older adults.  


    Improve the quality of care and health and well-being of our community and address any health concerns at a social setting.

  • Ageing Well Clinics

    We are providing Face to face and Virtual clinics with the GP for our elderly patients(65+). We have a PCN Pharmacist present as well to complete medication reviews. 

PCN Care Co-ordinator

Care co-ordinators help to co-ordinate and navigate care across the health and care system, helping people make the right connections, with the right teams at the right time. They can support people to become more active in their own health and care and are skilled in assessing people’s changing needs. Care co-ordinators are effective in bringing together multidisciplinary teams to support people’s complex health and care needs.

PCN First Contact Physiotherapist

First contact physiotherapists are trained professionals working on helping people with management and rehabilitation of their pain due to an injury or disability. You can get a physio appointment without seeing your GP first.  You will need to contact your GP surgery or fill the form at the bottom with your condition.

Health and Wellbeing Coach

Health and wellbeing coaches support people to increase their ability to self-manage, motivation levels and commitment to change their lifestyle. They are experts in behaviour change and focus on improving health related outcomes by working with people to set personalised goals and change their behaviours. They work with people with physical and/or mental health conditions and those at risk of developing them.

Physician Associates

Physician associates support GPs in diagnosing and managing  patients in GP surgeries. They can do examination and diagnose medial conditions face to face or via the phone. Physician associates are practitioners working with a dedicated medical supervisor, but are able to work autonomously with appropriate support. You need to ring the GP practice to get an appointment.

  • Appointments

    See patients and diagnose their conditions. Can work with physical and mental health. Are able to do patient reviews. 

  • Patient Care

    Can develop and deliver appropriate treatment and management plans, refer to relevant departments for further investigations or referrals to a GP or hospital.

Social Prescriber Link Worker


Social prescribing is a key component of Universal Personalised Care. It is an approach that connects people to activities, groups, and services in their community to meet the practical, social and emotional needs that affect their health and wellbeing.

PCN Pharmacist & Pharmacy Technicians

Our team of Pharmacists and a Pharmacy Technicians support general practice with medicines safety to ensure that patients get the most from their medication. Our pharmacists support patients to make informed decisions about their medicines, as well as supporting patients to care and look after their own health. They do regular medication reviews with the patients.

Mental Health Practicioner 

And Other Services

These roles sit alongside NHS Talking Therapies for anxiety and depression, and a range of other roles within primary care that provide mental health support. Mental health practitioners provide GPs and other primary care staff with timely support and advice, helping to relieve pressure on workloads and build stronger relationships with mental health services. We work along NHFT to help patients through their mental health recovery journey.